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Talking FlashCards Educational Toys

Packing quantity: 60PCS

Product size: 178 * 95 * 42mm

Product weight: 255g (including card)

Packing gross weight: 16KG

Outer box size: 44 * 36 * 30CM


  • Enhance your child’s learning experience with our Talking Flash Cards Educational Toys, a must-have for young minds.
  • With a set of 60PCS, these flashcards offer endless opportunities for interactive and engaging learning sessions.
  • Designed to be compact and portable, the product size of 178 * 95 * 42mm ensures convenience for on-the-go learning.
  • Weighing just 255g (including card), these educational toys are lightweight and easy to handle for little hands.
  • Packed with knowledge and fun, our Talking Flash Cards provide a unique learning experience that sets them apart from the competition.

Our Talking Flash Cards are packed with remarkable features that set them apart from similar products in the market. Each card is equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows them to speak, enabling children to hear the correct pronunciation of words, phrases, and concepts. Say goodbye to the monotony of traditional flashcards and embrace a new and exciting way of learning.

We understand the challenges parents and educators face when it comes to capturing and maintaining a child’s attention. That’s why we’ve designed our Talking Flash Cards to address these specific needs. The cards provide a solution by incorporating engaging audio cues that captivate children’s interest and foster active participation in the learning process.

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